Crestone Peak                                                  a 501 c 3 Nonprofit
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Crestone Peak is a 501 c 3 nonprofit, centered in the town of Crestone, at the northern tip of Colorado's San Luis Valley. Crestone Peak's original focus was on creating affordable housing through the sale of donated lots to low income individuals at reduced prices. Changes in our community have prompted us to expand our mission statement. In 2005, the Board of Directors voted to change the mission to: "Supporting sustainability in the Crestone / Baca area through advocacy, education, and enterprise."

What does this mean? We focus on building a sustainable community in all its forms, economic, social, and environmental. We organize a community Food Grower's Network, a group of gardeners at all levels of experience who collaborate on sustainable local food production. We continue to implement the Conversation Cafe, bringing together community members for grass roots discussions and strategies on sustainable development. We educate our community through the Crestone Alternative Energy and Sustianability Fair, a 3 day annual event that brings hands on workshops on natural building, biofuels, and alternative energy to the surrounding area. This event also includes a very popular Sustainable Home Tour, featuring straw bale, cob, adobe, earthship, earthbag, cordwood, papercrete, aer block, and other alternative construction methods.

In addition to these programs, we are also developing program ideas for sustainable business development for micro business and cottage industries, alternative transportation through the Hitching Post and car sharing, and affordable, naturally built self help housing.